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Frank Anderson
Frank Anderson

Richmond, VA

game & movie enthusiast / professional consumer / artboard pack rat / desktop custodian / most likely to need coffee

adobe creative cloud, art direction, breakfast sandwich making, fledgling web design, graphic design, icon, illustration, plant watering, print design, zoo keeping

  1. Anderson Creative_v2.0 ampersand texture freelance design typography branding logo
  2. Stevesie 2.0 ocean movie bill murray otter the life aquatic wes anderson vector graphic design illustration
  3. Game On tube tv stay home retro player one nintendo coronavirus 90s design video games vector illustration
  4. Fueled by Nature machine bench park sun tree birds mug coffee design vector illustration
  5. Be Still My Heart couple roses love electric pacemaker heart valentines day vector illustration
  6. Night Owls noise buildings house town truck neighborhood night design vector illustration
  7. The Watcher water dogwood nature roses mountain eye design vector illustration
  8. Step Out sun nature creek fresh air outdoors roses camp mountains design vector illustration
  9. Park Icons design branding vector textures brushes photoshop ferris wheel backpack castle amusement park toucan icons illustration
  10. Red Card logo icon doodle bird cardinal virginia design vector illustration
  11. Coastal beach tackle box fishing lure island fishing boat lighthouse ocean coast map infographic design branding vector illustration
  12. Beachy florida surfboard palmtree logo extras pattern design branding logo icon vector illustration
  13. Outdoorsy mountains small town wilderness half dome pickaxe butterfly bear county california design branding icon vector illustration
  14. The Mighty Jim waterbird summer river heron virginia richmond james river design vector illustration
  15. RADish character skate or die push mongo do a kickflip vegetable radish skateboard skateboarding challenge 52weeks vector illustration
  16. (Flow)er Budz thorns nature spring pollen outdoors vines flowers typography design vector illustration
  17. Mexico Icons bodega map restaurant agave avocado bananas tomato wheat fish taco corn mexico design branding icon vector illustration
  18. Twenty Eighteen ocean virginia cardinal coffee salad 52weeks year in review 2018 branding design icon vector illustration
  19. ChipPUNK bike vroom honda tattoo helmet rodent motorcycle chipmunk vector challenge 52weeks illustration
  20. Black Chocolate Stout beer for breakfast stout brooklyn brewery beer chocolate cherry grain photoshop vector illustration
  21. Forty, Love classy retro headband tennis balls serve sports nike cortez racquet tennis design challenge 52weeks vector illustration
  22. Death Star Grille stars meat cookout grill burgers beef space death star star wars branding vector illustration
  23. Bedding Icons branding design sleep bed bedroom sewing balloons mattress icon vector illustration
  24. Mr. Plow jeep mountains trees open road utility vehicle truck snowplow snow challenge 52weeks vector illustration
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